CareerPath FAQ

  1. What are the things I can find in the Careers Page?
    • You can see careers which you will possibly be working on after finishing a Programme in Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering.

  2. What are the things I can find in the Programmes Page?
    • You can view the different Programmes ECSE Department is offering. Currently, there are Programmes namely, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) and Software Engineering (SE). Courses are grouped into their respective years (II, III, IV) which they are to be taken.

  3. What are the things I can find in the Courses Page?
    • You can view the all the courses related to each Programme in the ECSE Department.

  4. How can I identify which semester the course belongs to?
    • The first semester course is left indented.
    • The second semester course is right indented.

  5. How will I know whether the course is compulsory or elective?
    • The course is elective if the color of the button is green and compulsory if the button is red.